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Video Planning & Production

We can bring your product and/or service to life! Tell us what your vision is for your business and we will script it, produce it and turn that vision into reality.
You can choose from live video or animated.

Our Live Videos are shot in minimum of HD quality. We have filmed digital video series, infomercials, reality shows, short business videos and documentary style videos.

Here’s a sample of our Stories of the Ink series.

Animation options include whiteboard, business overview, and description of services. Be the star and use your own voice, or for a small fee you can have a professional voiceover.

Our Process - We discuss the project scope, create a script, make a first draft, make edits, and finalize.

By the way, once the Video is prepared, we can put it to work for you!
We can load it up to your website, and also run the video in very targeted advertising. Check Out our Programmatic Video and Display page
NOW is the time to GO LIVE!

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